Sunwin Biotech Shandong Co., Ltd.

Founded in November 1999, Sunwin Group is headquartered in the Biopharmaceutical Industry Park of Weifang’s New Hi-Tech Zone, Shandong, China. Operating as a vertically integrated technology enterprise on its 165 acre facility, Sunwin develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceutical intermediates, and food and feed additive products. Sunwin has three main product lines: betaines, pyridine derivatives, and organic mineral chelates. The Company is one of the largest producers of betaine products in the world and exports to more than 50 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa account for >60% of Sunwin’s turnover.

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Betaine series, Calcium salt series, Chromium salt series, Copper salt series, Ferric salt series, Magnesium salt series More >>

Contact Us

  • Address Room 922, No.1 Jilong Road, China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
  • Phone86-21-50463411
  • Address36 New Hi-Tech Road Two,
    Biopharmaceutical Incubator Suite 206,Hi-Tech Zone, Weifang City, Shandong
  • Phone86-536-8869168

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